Critical Equipment for
Steel Copper and Titanium
Extraction Industries

Conical Converter

This type of converter is used in steel extraction industries and since it has to withstand high temperatures, we fabricate it in high thicknesses using special alloys and provide best suitable refractory material for inner lining

Turn Iron Ring

It is used to tilt the converter during operation and since it is a critical component of the converter assembly, we ensure proper design and precise installation of this component with all required accessories including grear and motor assembly

ISA Smelt Furnace

It was developed as an energy efficient extraction process for non-ferrous metals
Due to its huge size we fabricate it in segments which are later assemled on site. We build it according to custom specifications and ensure precise installation with close tolerances

Rotary Furnace

We provide furnances in wide range of capacities suitable for foundry equipment as well as for large scale industrial ore extraction
We deliver complete solution with installation and all accessories including inner lining, pinion, gears, riding assembly and motors